8/10/2021 - 7pm - Midnight Madness Show - Beverly Jane

8/10/2021 - 7pm - Midnight Madness Show - Beverly Jane

Beverly Jane is an author, singer-songwriter with Clear Sound Music Group. She has been better known behind the scenes writing and promoting other artists.

Beverly has worked on Nashville’s Music Row since 1999 with Major and Independent country artists. Her songs have won awards and accolades in addition to her success in delivering television commercial jingles. Many of her country and rock collaborations are being performed by other Independent artists throughout the country. Her inspirational songs transparently ease from the strings as she performs for conferences, classes and churches.

On February 28, 2008, Beverly Jane’s life took a tragic turn. She lost her first son in a car accident exactly one year and to the very minute of her mother’s passing. Not able to say goodbye, nor to have closure on this tragedy, Beverly was determined to find a way to reach out to this son she loved so dearly.

Her new book, “When It Happens To You” is an enlightened, thoughtful discovery that took 7 years to unfold into a presentation that will forever change the way people see death. For our culture, death appears to be the ultimate final blow—the final loss of that loved one. Beverly Jane has unlocked the door to the afterlife and shattered religious misnomers. Heaven is, indeed, a breath away. Listen and discover how you can reconnect with loved ones who may have already been trying to let you know they are okay and that they are there--just beyond the veil.

Today, Beverly Jane is writing, performing, consulting and teaching to inspire others. She is stepping in front of the microphone to showcase her own creativity and inspiring others to rise up from the ashes. She is living life on purpose and with purpose. Every day is a song.

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